Marie Newman’s statement in response to Arthur Jones’ candidacy

“Hate and bigotry have no place in Illinois. Period. With our fundamental rights and freedoms constantly under fire, what Illinois families need is a true champion who will combat these tactics used to instill fear and hatred and fight for the rights of all. I am running because I will work tirelessly to protect our DREAMers and create a path to citizenship so immigrants and refugees have a shot at the American Dream. I will make it a top priority to protect and further the rights of our LGBT community, fight to ensure that women can make their own healthcare decisions and that reproductive freedom is a right for all. We must give families their best chance by providing them with a livable wage, affordable child care, and the economic means necessary for working families to survive. I have always believed that no matter who you are, where you’re from or who you love, if you work hard you deserve a shot at success and in Congress, I will fight to make that belief a reality.”