Millennial Politics: Can Marie Newman Unseat Conservative (D) Dan Lipinski?

Though the vast majority of Democratic excitement for the 2018 midterms is aimed at retaking the House of Representatives from the GOP, it’s important to recognize that not all Democrats are worth getting excited about. Case in point? Dan Lipinski, who inherited Illinois’ 3rd from his father in 2005. Lipinski is a conservative Democrat who voted against the DREAM Act, was the only Illinois Democrat to vote against the Affordable Care Act, opposes LGBTQ rights and reproductive freedom, and has voted repeatedly to expand the surveillance state in violation of the privacy of the American people.

Lipinski’s conservatism and bigotry would not be acceptable under any circumstances, but they’re particularly noteworthy given that Illinois’ 3rd went to Barack Obama by 29 points in 2008, Bernie Sanders by eight points in the 2016 primary, and Hillary Clinton by 15 points in 2016 general. That’s why Marie Newman is running to unseat Lipinski in the Democratic primary.

An anti-bullying advocate and small businesswoman, Marie is running a proudly progressive grassroots campaign fueled by small donors and enthusiastic volunteers. She already has the support of countless progressive groups like including NARAL and EMILY’s List as well as Illinois congressional representatives Jan Schakowsky and Luis Gutierrez.

Marie joined us on the podcast to discuss the danger social conservatism poses to marginalized Americans, her support for LGBTQ equality and reproductive freedom, and how to transform the Democratic Party into a truly progressive institution.

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