Marie Newman is Results-Driven and Progressive.

As a small businesswoman, entrepreneur, national nonprofit executive, author and human rights advocate, Marie Newman has spent her life embracing challenges and working with others on solutions.


Marie is running for Congress to stand up for the values we share in the 3rd District: fighting for working families, growing and protecting small businesses, promoting education and training programs that lead to real jobs, pushing for Healthcare-For-All, protecting Social Security, worker’s rights, women’s healthcare, veterans, and Medicare.

Born in Beverly and raised in Palos Park, Marie graduated from Carl Sandburg High School and the University of Wisconsin. After years of working for the largest ad agency in the U.S., where she became a partner, Marie left to start a successful consulting business.

When one of her children was severely bullied in school, Marie founded a nonprofit group to address the problem — eventually expanding it nationwide. She worked directly with state and federal legislators to make anti-bullying policies a priority and wrote a book with solutions used by schools and parents across the country. She has also served as a state and national advocate for cancer research and common-sense gun safety.

Energized by the wave of citizens rising up against the radical agenda of Donald Trump, Marie is running for Congress to replace career politician Dan Lipinski.


Lipinski’s far-right record includes voting to defund women’s healthcare and family planning as well as sponsoring “right to discriminate” legislation. Lipinski was one of a small minority of Democrats in Congress to vote against establishing Obamacare. Almost three-quarters of his campaign money comes from special interests and lobbyists. And he has largely ignored the thousands of small businesses that are the backbone of the 3rd District’s economy and the source of most of its jobs.

In contrast, Marie is running a solutions-based campaign focused on residents of the 3rd District — relying on volunteers instead of party insiders. With over 70 coffee issue sessions under her belt, she continues her district tour to hear directly from people across the entire district about the challenges they face.


Marie will fight Congress hard to address the needs and concerns of the families, small businesses, veterans and retirees of the 3rd District. She believes strongly in open, accessible and transparent government. Her values and priorities are centered on listening to people, creating solutions and getting results.

Marie and her husband Jim have been married for 21 years, and they live in La Grange with their two children.

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