My Suburban Life, “Newman condemns candidacy of Nazi Art Jones”

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COUNTRYSIDE – Marie Newman, Democratic candidate for Congress in the 3rd District, and members of her campaign’s Interfaith Coalition, condemn current Republican opponent Art Jones Dec. 12 during a press conference and unity event in Countryside.

Jones, a perennial candidate for office in Illinois and self-avowed American Nazi, has used his platform to espouse xenophobia, racism and hatred, according to a Newman campaign news release.

Newman was joined by community members and Interfaith Coalition members including campaign chairwoman Shadin Maali, Pastor Emma Lozano, Pastor Sid Casillas and Arnie Bernstein to condemn Jones’ candidacy and to call attention to his dangerous ideology.

Bernstein, a community activist and author, remembered Jones’ involvement in the 1977 Skokie Nazi March.

“Art Jones was one of the people involved [in the march] and now he’s back running for Congress. His ideas were not welcome in Skokie then and his ideas are not welcome in the 3rd District of Illinois now,” Bernstein said.

Jones has run eight times for Congress. He’s also run for alderman in Chicago and mayor of Milwaukee.

“Art Jones’ run this election cycle is very dangerous because it normalizes his platform of hate and divisiveness that is destructive to building productive and unified communities based on decent and human values” Maali said. “We should always speak up strongly, as we’re doing today, in condemnation of political candidates that run on white supremacy and other extremist ideologies.”

“This problem is solvable and it will be one of my top initiatives as we move forward,” said Newman, who will face U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski, D-Western Springs, in the Democratic primary.

Lipinski narrowly defeated Newman in the 2018 Congressional race.

“My goal as the next Congressperson of Illinois’ 3rd District is to build unity and to create peace so that we can be prosperous, the economy will grow, and even more people will want to live here or bring their business here.”

Newman and leaders on the campaign’s Interfaith Coalition hosted the first in a series of peace forums Oct. 26 in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood. In partnership with Robert Emmons, candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 1st District, the October event brought together six faith leaders and more than 50 members of the community for an open discussion on how to address, respond to and ultimately how to unite to prevent instances of hate and divisiveness in our community. A second forum is scheduled for Jan. 11 in Orland Park.

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