Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s Off the Sidelines PAC Stands with Third District Challenger Marie Newman

Chicago, IL – Entrepreneur, nonprofit leader, and Democratic Congressional candidate Marie Newman of Illinois’ 3rd District has been endorsed by New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s Off the Sidelines Political Action Committee. “I am honored to receive the support of Off the Sidelines,” Newman said. “What Senator Gillibrand has offered to me and to many women who have stepped off the sidelines is invaluable in ensuring that we are all better represented at the decision-making table.”

Through her Off the Sidelines PAC, Senator Gillibrand offers support to candidates by providing critical funding for their campaigns. “We need Marie Newman in Congress so that we have another vote for health care, for women, and for our LGBTQ friends and family,” Senator Gillibrand said. “Marie is willing to stand up for what the constituents of the Third want, which is why she’s gaining so much support in district. I am happy to offer our support to her, too.”


CNN: 9 Democratic primaries to watch in 2018

One of the few incumbent Democrats facing a serious primary challenge on the federal level, Rep. Dan Lipinski, a “blue dog” now vying for an eighth term in the House, is generally regarded as one of the party’s most conservative elected officials. He is anti-abortion and voted against Obamacare in 2010. This year, he opposed the GOP repeal plan but voted in the House for “Kate’s Law,” a controversial bill that would crackdown on undocumented immigrants who repeatedly enter the country illegally after being deported. In a district Hillary Clinton won comfortably in 2016, a challenge seemed inevitable.

On the flip side, Marie Newman has a profile more in line with the party’s recent liberal shift. She was endorsed by the Daily Kos, the liberal online activist hub.


Windy City Times: Newman speaks on 3rd District Congressional run

Congressional candidate Marie Newman met with community members on Oct. 19 to speak about issues ranging from LGBT-rights to her opponent, incumbent U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski ( D-3rd District ).
Newman, who has worked as both a marketer and a rights advocate, said that she threw her hat in the political ring this cycle because, “There was a need and a will on my part.”

Lipinski, who has been in office since 2005, has repeatedly come under fire for his votes in opposition to LGBT-rights and reproductive rights, among other issues. He has the Human Rights Campaign’s lowest ranking of LGBT support among congressional Democrats.

Newman, who has a transgender child, explained that she got involved in activism and politics when her children had been bullied at various times. She pulled no punches in her criticism of Lipinski, even his work on transportation funding—his district is a transportation hub for the region, and a number of transportation firms are among his donors. Newman attributed much of the district’s funding to the work of other Democratic members of Illinois’ Congressional delegation, among them U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin and U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley ( 5th District ).


South Side Weekly: Are the Blue Dog Days Over?

Are the Blue Dog Days Over?

Progressives vie to oust a Democratic family dynasty in the 3rd congressional district

A year ago, Marie Newman was a nonprofit executive, a mother, and a successful business owner. Now, she is also candidate for the United States House of Representatives. She sat across from me at a downtown Starbucks facing Trump Tower which, on this afternoon, is glistening in the sun. With only a short time to talk before she had a speaking engagement, I asked her how she got to this point and where she wants to go from here.

More than anything else, Newman said that she sensed a call to action after the 2016 election and felt that “all rights were under assault,” so she went about studying the possibility of a run for Congress. A resident of southwest suburban La Grange, her district—Illinois’s 3rd congressional district—begins in the northeast in Bridgeport, then dances a jagged line southwest to the Midway area, swoops to the southeast to pick up parts of Beverly and Mt. Greenwood, and then expands deep into Chicago’s southwest suburbs, extending nearly to Joliet.


The Hill: Anti-abortion Democrats fading from the scene

Lipinski, who represents a district in the Chicago suburbs, faces a spirited primary challenge from Marie Newman, a long-time Democratic activist who said she would contrast her support for abortion rights with Lipinski’s membership in the Pro-Life Caucus.

“I’m running against a guy who is a crusader for being against women’s health,” Newman said in an interview. “No matter how you feel personally, you have to vote to support the Democratic Party values. We have all looked at the 90-page document that is the Democratic Party platform that was created last year.”


Chicago Tribune: Activists demand resignation of Palos Township trustee following Facebook posts

More than 100 activists rallied outside Palos Township offices Monday night to condemn a trustee’s comments on Middle Eastern students as hateful and demand her immediate resignation.

Trustee Sharon Brannigan, a former Republican congressional candidate and ardent Donald Trump supporter who ran unopposed in April’s township election, has come under fire for a recent Facebook post that suggested the area’s schools were filling with undocumented Middle Eastern students.


Daily Kos: Challenger says Blue Dog Democrat voted to ‘support the Trump agenda’ after anti-immigrant vote

On the same day that Daily Kos endorsed his primary challenger, Blue Dog Democrat Dan Lipinski made clear why it’s so important to defeat him. Lipinski voted for the anti-immigrant “Kate’s Law,” which the American Civil Liberties Union described last year as “an ultimately shortsighted and ill-conceived response to the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco in July 2015.”


Patch: Lipinski Primary Foe Marie Newman Wins Daily Kos Endorsement

LA GRANGE, IL — Daily Kos announced their endorsement of Marie Newman for Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District. The endorsement comes as the organization prepares for the 2018 election cycle with a focus on “electing more and better Democrats everywhere.”

Daily Kos is an online political community with a quarter-million registered users and over 2 million monthly visitors. It is a hub for community advocacy, news, and more.



Daily Kos: We need to give the heave-ho to Blue Dog Rep. Dan Lipinski, one of the worst Democrats in Congress

Daily Kos’s central mission has always been electing more and better Democrats. This endorsement is all about one of those better Democrats—and boy do we ever need one here. That’s why Daily Kos is endorsing businesswoman and anti-bullying advocate Marie Newman in next year’s Democratic primary in Illinois’s 3rd Congressional District, which is currently represented by Blue Dog Dan Lipinski.


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