The Hill: Anti-abortion Democrats fading from the scene

Lipinski, who represents a district in the Chicago suburbs, faces a spirited primary challenge from Marie Newman, a long-time Democratic activist who said she would contrast her support for abortion rights with Lipinski’s membership in the Pro-Life Caucus.

“I’m running against a guy who is a crusader for being against women’s health,” Newman said in an interview. “No matter how you feel personally, you have to vote to support the Democratic Party values. We have all looked at the 90-page document that is the Democratic Party platform that was created last year.”


Chicago Tribune: Activists demand resignation of Palos Township trustee following Facebook posts

More than 100 activists rallied outside Palos Township offices Monday night to condemn a trustee’s comments on Middle Eastern students as hateful and demand her immediate resignation.

Trustee Sharon Brannigan, a former Republican congressional candidate and ardent Donald Trump supporter who ran unopposed in April’s township election, has come under fire for a recent Facebook post that suggested the area’s schools were filling with undocumented Middle Eastern students.


Daily Kos: Challenger says Blue Dog Democrat voted to ‘support the Trump agenda’ after anti-immigrant vote

On the same day that Daily Kos endorsed his primary challenger, Blue Dog Democrat Dan Lipinski made clear why it’s so important to defeat him. Lipinski voted for the anti-immigrant “Kate’s Law,” which the American Civil Liberties Union described last year as “an ultimately shortsighted and ill-conceived response to the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco in July 2015.”


Patch: Lipinski Primary Foe Marie Newman Wins Daily Kos Endorsement

LA GRANGE, IL — Daily Kos announced their endorsement of Marie Newman for Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District. The endorsement comes as the organization prepares for the 2018 election cycle with a focus on “electing more and better Democrats everywhere.”

Daily Kos is an online political community with a quarter-million registered users and over 2 million monthly visitors. It is a hub for community advocacy, news, and more.



Daily Kos: We need to give the heave-ho to Blue Dog Rep. Dan Lipinski, one of the worst Democrats in Congress

Daily Kos’s central mission has always been electing more and better Democrats. This endorsement is all about one of those better Democrats—and boy do we ever need one here. That’s why Daily Kos is endorsing businesswoman and anti-bullying advocate Marie Newman in next year’s Democratic primary in Illinois’s 3rd Congressional District, which is currently represented by Blue Dog Dan Lipinski.


Chicago Tribune: Chicago Tribune Staff: Morning Spin: Lipinski facing challenge from progressive Democrat in Southwest Side congressional district

Democratic U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski is headed for a primary challenge next year in the Southwest Side and southwest suburban 3rd Congressional District.

Marie Newman, a marketing consultant from La Grange, is looking to push a more progressive agenda

In an email to supporters scheduled to go out Monday, Newman declares: “I’m in.”  (more…)

Crain’s: Greg Hinz: Rep. Lipinski likely to draw primary foe

Southwest Side Congressman Dan Lipinski never has been a favorite of Democratic progressives, frequently having to fend off potential party foes. But with Washington now more polarized than ever in the era of Donald Trump, a looming challenge to his renomination is worth watching.

The challenge comes from Marie Newman, a La Grange marketing consultant who tells me she has decided to form a 3rd District exploratory committee, the last formal step before actually announcing, something Newman says she is very likely to do this spring.  (more…)

Windy City Times: David Thill: Marie Newman: Lipinski’s 3rd District challenger

Daniel Lipinski has represented Illinois’ 3rd District in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2005. But in 2018, the Democrat will have a challenger—from his own party. Her name is Marie Newman, and she plans to bring change.Newman, a 3rd District native and resident of La Grange, said she feels “compelled” to run for the seat. Although she has long considered running, it was the 2016 election cycle that finally propelled Newman—a former J. Walter Thompson partner, small business owner and founder of the national non-profit coalition Team Up to Stop Bullying—to announce her candidacy April 10.

She feels not only at odds with the policies proposed by the Trump administration, but also with a general negativity that she sensed emerging in the country during the presidential campaign. “We cannot move forward as a nation as we are right now,” she said.  (more…)

Roll Call: Eric Garcia: Lipinski Faces possible Primary Challenge

Illinois Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski is facing a potential primary challenge from the left in next year’s election.

Marie Newman, a marketing consultant from La Grange, told Crain’s Chicago that she formed an exploratory committee to look into running in the 3rd Congressional District against Lipinski.

Newman’s challenge would come on Lipinski’s left flank.  (more…)

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