The Washington Times, “Ro Khanna endorses Marie Newman’s primary challenge against Dan Lipinski”

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Rep. Ro Khanna on Monday endorsed fellow Democrat Rep. Daniel Lipinski’s primary challenger in Illinois, saying Marie Newman is the candidate in the race who will put the interests of her constituents over “one’s personal agenda or the lobby of powerful special interests and corporate PACs.”

Ms. Newman came within about 2,000 votes of defeating Mr. Lipinski in the 3rd Congressional District Democratic primary last year and liberal groups and elected leaders are now rallying behind her second attempt at knocking off one of the few remaining pro-life Democrats on Capitol Hill.

“If we don’t allow for a challenge to a Democrat who opposes the ACA, opposes Roe v. Wade and opposes the DREAM Act, then what do we stand for as a party?” Mr. Khanna said in a statement.

Mr. Lipinski has represented Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District since 2005.

Mr. Khanna has emerged as one of the leading progressive liberal voices in the House Democratic Caucus.

He has endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential bid.

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