Illinois 3rd
Congressional District

I’m running for Congress because we finally need to address “everybody’s everyday” to drive innovation and invest in our people, infrastructure, mass transportation, jobs, training, and growing an ever greener economy. We need a real vision with a real plan. As part of that plan, we need to solve the “patchwork of jobs”…

Meet Marie

My story is like many of us who grew up on Chicago’s Southwest side and throughout the suburbs, where my grandfather worked as a union mechanic for Braniff Airlines at Midway International Airport…

My Priorities

The Third District needs a coalition builder and a fighter for workers, their families, and the middle-class. We need an advocate to grow small businesses, protect health care rights, and serve as a champion…

The Latest

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            [message] => Another whirlwind of a week!

-Meet & Greet in Orland Park with a wonderful group of folks where we talked about immigration transformation
-Big fun at the ICIRR fundraiser where Lawrence Benito and Tom Ballenoff stole the show talking about the urgency around uplifting immigrant rights
-The Climate Strike in Lagrange  where some students reminded us very clearly of the immediate threat of the climate crisis
-We joined the picket line and rally of the UC Hospital nurses strike
-Walked in the Palos Park Autumn fest with #IL03 Running Mates on Saturday -great team out there in the rain!
-Spoke to the wonderful Pep Club for the Red Stars at SeatGeak Stadium (really fun group!)
-Got a bit of exercise at the Breast Cancer Walk in Stickney
-Thoughtful discussion around M4All at the Bridgeport Meet and Greet today
-Finally, my wonderful husband brought me flowers today and told me "you are doing just a wonderful job" -love him!
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