Bringing True Blue Values to the 3rd District of Illinois.

Healthcare for All

Marie supports moving to Healthcare for All. Healthcare is a right for all Americans — not just the rich, and not a privilege.

Thinking Big with Small Business

Marie believes in putting the needs of small businesses ahead of big corporations. Growing small businesses leads to higher wages for workers and a more robust economy.

Working Families

Marie will fight for livable wages and tax relief to working families, not the 1%, as well as advocate for paid family leave and reducing the cost of childcare.

Fighting Big Money in Politics

Marie is ready to get big money out of politics. It’s time to reverse the destructive effects of Citizens United.

Job-Focused Education

Marie seeks to ensure that college graduates are ready to work- without considerable debt. She supports apprenticeship programs for middle-skilled jobs, job-focused curriculums and restoring regulations on student debt.

Protecting Rights

Marie Newman believes in true American ideals: accepting refugees and creating a welcoming environment for all. Discrimination based on race, religion, gender or sexuality must be fought tirelessly.

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Protecting and Expanding the Right to Health Care

Healthcare is a right, it is not a privilege. While I continue to support improvements to the Affordable Care Act, I believe Congress needs to step up to protect and expand health care for all Americans.   There are many great elements of the ACA that need to be protected, including requiring insurance companies to cover those with pre-existing conditions, allowing people up to the age of 26 to stay on their parent’s health insurance and providing preventive services like mammograms and cancer screenings. However, the ACA is far from perfect and there are many elements that need to be addressed to bring down costs. Simultaneously to fixing issues with Obamacare, we need Healthcare-For-All solutions to be implemented in the near future. We should be looking at uniquely American versions of universal care that solves the nation’s current issues once and for all, such as Medicare For All.

Congressman Lipinski was the only Democrat from Illinois to vote against establishing the Affordable Care Act, and he has voted repeatedly with the Republican majority to defund Planned Parenthood, which provides vital women’s healthcare, prenatal care, mammograms and much more to tens of millions of Americans and working families.

Promoting Small Businesses

We need to put the needs and concerns of small businesses ahead of the big corporations who use their campaign money and lobbyists to turn the tax code to their advantage. Our small businesses, frequently owned by working families, create most of the new jobs in our country and make up the majority of the businesses in the 3rd Congressional District. We need to close the loopholes and special privileges that enable the wealthiest corporations to avoid their fair share of the tax burden and use some of those resources to help small business and entrepreneurs. And, we should make a special effort to provide access to capital for all small business owners as well as women and minority entrepreneurs who too often are denied the resources necessary to pursue their dreams. When small businesses thrive, they are enabled to offer higher wages to their employees and the economy overall thrives.

Working Families

For too long, working families are working harder and not getting ahead. Recent studies show that the top 1% of families in Illinois earned 25 times that of the bottom 99%. This is outrageous — we need a representative who will deliver for the hard working people of the 3rd district. In Congress, I’ll push to cut taxes for working families, not the 1% of earners. Further, we need to allow community banks to begin lending again to help working families prosper. When working families are treated fairly, they contribute back into the economy, which helps everyone.

I’ll advocate for livable wages and paid family leave and I’ll focus on reducing the cost of childcare. Families shouldn’t have to choose between working and paying for childcare. We must raise the salaries of childcare workers, who are currently paid less than parking lot attendants in this country.

In order to pave the way to better employment opportunities, I’ll promote the trades and vocational learning at earlier ages for our young people. Moreover, I’ll push to expand stronger job programs for our youth.

Fighting Big Money in Politics

Money in politics continues to spiral out of control and it’s time something is done about it. Congress must act to reverse the destructive effects that the Citizens United decision has had on our elections and country. We also must end the millions of dollars in “dark money” being spent to influence our elections without identifying the source and the private agendas it’s supporting.

Education That Leads to Real Jobs

The biggest challenge facing our economy and our young people is ensuring they’re ready for the work force and aren’t saddled with considerable debt.

Colleges and companies need to work more closely together to make sure college curriculums are tailored to the marketplace. There are 5.9 million jobs right now that are unfilled in the U.S., many of them middle skills jobs that don’t necessarily require a college degree. We need to do more to encourage young people to consider community colleges and apprenticeship programs.   We should look to reinstall trades and vocational training in middle schools and high schools.

Additionally, creating a more cost-effective entry to community colleges with designated paths to well-paying jobs will promote both economic development and community growth. This principle should apply to federally supported job retraining programs, as well – many of which could be administered through our community college system.

Lastly, too many students are leaving college with considerable debt. Yet, Donald Trump and Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos have reversed the Obama Administration’s efforts to help students repay their student loans. We must restore those regulations and help our young people finish college with the least amount of debt possible.

Human Rights

In Congress, I will fight tirelessly against discrimination based on race, religion, gender or sexuality — because respect, appreciation and equal rights are American values that I hold dear. We must rededicate ourselves to the basic, American principles of accepting refugees and promoting a welcome environment for all.

Congressman Lipinski has voted consistently against gay marriage and has sponsored legislation that would enable businesses and nonprofits to discriminate against the LGBTQI community on “religious” grounds.

And Mr. Lipinski shares Donald Trump’s aggression toward immigrants – even though first- and second-generation immigrant families make up much of the 3rd District. We need to preserve the ladder of opportunity that made this country great, not pull it up behind us.

In 2015, Lipinski voted with the Republican majority for a bill to limit Syrian refugees, even though President Obama and FBI Director James Comey expressed serious concerns about this legislation.

Protecting a Woman’s Right to Choose

Consistent with the Roe v. Wade decision, I believe that reproductive decisions belong with women and her right to choose, not with government or politicians.

Dan Lipinski is co-chairman of the House Pro-Life Caucus and has voted consistently to defund Planned Parenthood and eliminate a woman’s right to choose.

Fighting Big Money in Politics

We must reverse the Citizens United decision, which has given a handful of right-wing billionaires a hugely disproportionate role in our elections and government. I believe every person’s voice and vote should matter the same. We also must end the millions of dollars in “dark money” being spent to influence our elections without identifying the source and the private agendas it’s supporting.

Congressman Lipinski takes three-quarters of his campaign money from Washington lobbyists.

Democratic Principles

I believe strongly that Members of Congress must be loyal to their constituents and their consciences. But I also believe there is a difference between the two political parties and their basic principles regarding economic fairness, women’s rights, equal rights and the role of government. That’s why I’ve always been a Democrat.

On issue after issue, Congressman Lipinski has worked against some of these core Democratic principles. Lipinski was the only Illinois Democrat to vote against the Affordable Care Act – the signature accomplishment of the Obama Administration. He refused to endorse President Obama for re-election in 2012. He’s voted dozens of times against a woman’s right to choose and he continues to neglect immigration rights, workers’ rights, LGBTQI rights, working families and small businesses.

Protecting the Environment and Fighting Climate Change

We must accept the overwhelming scientific evidence of climate change and take immediate steps to head off its environmental and economic effects. This includes allowing the U.S. to continue to play a leading role under the Paris Accords that committed all countries to reduce their fossil fuel emissions. We should continue to encourage the development of renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, which are reducing our reliance on foreign oil while creating millions of good-paying jobs. And I will fight the Trump Administration’s draconian cuts to the EPA, which is protecting our air and water for future generations.

Congressman Lipinski voted in favor of the Keystone Pipeline, supporting the production of more fossil fuel even though the oil it provides will be shipped to other countries. Lipinski has also voted to cut funding for renewable energy.   In contrast, I will oppose federal support for additional fossil fuel development.

Gun Safety

The vast majority of Americans agree we need expanded background checks for firearms: 97% of the nation, including 80% of NRA voters. And the vast majority of gun owners conduct themselves responsibly and safely. Yet despite all of that, we are facing a public health epidemic of gun violence in our country, and it is well past time that Congress act to address it. It is not difficult for reasonable people to respect the right to gun ownership generally, and also to demand that we keep guns out of the hands of criminals, terrorists, domestic abusers, and people with mental illness.

As the former Illinois spokeswoman for Moms Demand Action, I support commonsense gun safety laws including 1.) prohibiting those on the federal “no-fly” list of suspected terrorists from buying guns, 2.) keeping guns out of dangerous hands via universal background checks that include private gun sales and gun shows, and 3.) requiring those convicted of domestic violence or under legal order of protection to turn in their guns.

Transportation and Infrastructure

The Chicago area is the nation’s transportation hub and thousands of local jobs depend on our maintaining that status. As a nation, we must invest in maintaining and improving our infrastructure and I would support a major federal commitment to do so – providing that our roads and bridges remain public property and not the private holding of corporate investors. We must also ensure that the traveling public is treated fairly and appropriately, which is why I support enacting an Airline Passengers Bill of Rights similar to one recently introduced in the U.S. Senate.

As a member of the House Transportation Committee for the past 12 years, Dan Lipinski has sat silently while the airline industry consolidated and its services deteriorated. Executive salaries have skyrocketed while consumers literally have been squeezed by stunted legroom and hit with ever-increasing fees and charges. During this same time, Lipinski has been rewarded for his lack of oversight with hundreds of thousands in campaign money from the airlines and their lobbyists. We need a member of Congress who will put our interests ahead of big corporations and their executives.

Ensuring Fair Trade

I am for fair trade that benefits American workers and consumers. We must make sure that any trade pacts with other nations guarantee workers’ rights, human rights and protect our environment. Violations of trade rules should be dealt with quickly and forcefully. We must closely monitor all trade agreements to ensure continued compliance with their terms and conditions.

At the same time, millions of U.S. jobs depend on the export of our goods and services – particularly in Illinois – and we should avoid the consequences of blundering into a trade war that will cost American workers and consumers. I oppose Donald Trump’s proposal for a “border-tax,” which would raise consumer prices and could foment just such a trade war. We need leaders in government who will work for fair and open trade agreements that benefit all parties.


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